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Breaking Bad earns 16 Primetime Emmy nominations

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-Who are you pretending to be?

-Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire.

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tv show meme | two quotes
(1/2) Heroes: "Save the cheerleader, save the world"

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(Margot about her character Naomi Lapaglia) “As for my character in particular, the nudity and the sexual side to her is her main power over Jordan. She uses that to manipulate men to get what she wants. That’s her form of currency in a world where she’s surrounded by millionaires, and she’s come from nothing. She didn’t have any money whatsoever. That’s how she became a millionaire, you know? So she definitely wouldn’t see it that way. She wouldn’t feel sorry for herself for having to take her clothes off. She would do that willingly. In fact, she would pity the men that are dumb enough to fall for it. It’s her form of power, so it wouldn’t feel exploitative for my character at all.”

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